Darius Walker   RB   Notre Dame



Darius is a smart RB who understands situational football.  He shows a good burst through the hole, vision and decent lateral agility.  He does a solid job following his blockers and cutting back.  Darius is smart enough to read defenses and pick up a blitzing defensive player when he is used to pass block.  He does a good job gaining the needed yardage when he is used as an outlet receiver and has been one of the core players for his college team.    



Darius has good speed, but I do not see the quickness or the balance when he runs or blocks for him to be any more than a part time player for the team that drafts him.  He does not play to his size and is easily arm tackled.  If Darius can show some special teams return skills, he would be more of an asset to the team that drafts him.    



The key for Darius is how much can he help on special teams.  He did not do well enough in pass blocking for his college team to be used as a third down back at the next level, which puts his ability to get on the field in question.  If he can improve his blocking techniques, he can be an asset as a third down back and if he can improve his quickness, he will be an asset as a special teams player returning kicks and punts.  Darius does not run like a player who is over 200 lbs as we have been lead to believe.  He runs more like a player who is about 180lbs to 190lbs.  He is easy to arm tackle and does not seem to have very good balance through the tackles.  He also seems to be more of a technique RB when he turns the corner on a sweep rather then a fast or quick RB and at his size technique to turn the corner is not going to do it at the next level.  He is a very smart player and Iím sure he can improve some aspects of his game, but I do not see how he is going to become much quicker than he is right now or add too much more bulk to his frame.  So what you see is what you get with Darius.   

Drew Boylhart