David Ball   WR   New Hampshire



David has good size for his position, but his greatest strength is his ability to catch a football in the middle of a typhoon on a small island in the pacific.  He runs good routes and is a very smart player who knows how to set up CBís and defensive coordinators so that he can impact anytime he wants to during a game.  David will run any route you ask him to.  He can get deep with double moves and will go over the middle with the best of them.  He gets separation when he runs his routes with his long legs and timing.  He is not a speed burner, but he will burn a lot of CBís who have a lot more speed than he does by using his intelligence and passion.  David reminds me a lot of Ed McCaffrey (former WR for the Denver Broncos and Garden St Giants).     



David needs to get bigger and stronger so that he can stay on the field and impact like I think he will.  He has pipe cleaner arms and a skinny body, but he is really smart about protecting himself.   Personally, I feel that David will never stop trying to improve his game and will have a long illustrious career in the NFL. 




David is the type of WR that you know is going to get the ball at the most important parts of a game to move the chains or make a TD and you still canít stop him.  He shows me with his play on the field that he has a burning desire to be an NFL WR.  He plays the game with character, intelligence, passion and then talent.  He should have a long career in the NFL because he does not have the speed to lose a step when he gets older -- he doesnít have a step in the first place!   There is no place on the field that David will not be an asset to the team that drafts him.  Once David becomes stronger, his RAC yards will go up because the ability to tackle him will become more difficult.  David will be downgraded because of the division he played in, but believe me, someone on the second day of this draft is about to get themselves a WR that is going to challenge to get on the field right away.  Someone on the second day of this draft is going to draft a WR who just might set some WR records in the NFL.  Someone on the second day this draft will be drafting a Pro Bowl WR.  That is, unless he moves into the first day and then someone is going to draft themselves one hell of a player that will become all the things I said he would become if he was drafted on the second day!  Whew!

Drew Boylhart