David Clowney   WR   Virginia Tech



David has good speed and excellent quickness to go along with a pretty great set of hands.  In this draft, there is no one better than David at catching the deep pass or running the deep route.  He has excellent lower body strength, which is how he is able to get separation on all of his routes.  He understands how to change gears and, with his burst and lateral agility, can run any route and run it well.  He shows the ability to go after the ball and does not hesitate to go over the middle and make the tough catch.  David is very smart and he seemed to get stronger as the year went on.  He is a sleeper WR in this draft and reminds me a lot of Chris Chambers (WR Miami Dolphins).  David should be a good #3 or #2 WR with the potential to be a #1 WR for the team the drafts him.    



David has to work on his upper body strength.  He gets knocked off his route and can be out-muscled for the ball.  This lack of upper body strength is also affecting his ability to catch the ball consistently.  It looks like his hands are suspect, but I donít think they are.  What I think is happening is, just as the ball gets to him, he gets moved off target and the ball bounces off his hands. 



David is very smart and a good route runner.  He is able to set up and burst by a defense even if they know he is going to do just that.  He shows me excellent hands to catch the deep pass, so I have to think that if he gets bigger in his upper body, those good hands will follow through to his other routes.  David just has to get more repetitions at the next level and get used to the hitting.  This is a kid that runs such good routes and is so explosive that he will help the team that drafts him right away.  He could be impossible to deal with on special teams.  He looks to me like he has a good work ethic because his lower body is so explosive that I know he must have run track.  This means that he is an athlete who just needs to adjust to football.  A lot of times, a player who is a track athlete that decides to play football will initially lack toughness in their play.  I do not believe that is the case with David.  He is not afraid to go up in traffic after the ball and he is not afraid to go over the middle.  He just can be out-muscled right now and, as soon as he works on his upper body, all that should change.  I think David is a bit of a sleeper pick in this draft.  Iím not sure what round heíll go in, but if itís not until the second day of this draft, I will be surprised.  David should make some noise as soon as he starts to work out, and when that happens, with his speed, I think he will move up the boards.    

Drew Boylhart