David Harris   LB   Michigan



David is your old school MLB who takes on blocks, sheds them and makes the tackle.  He is smart and very athletic.  He shows excellent instincts along with an excellent burst to the ball.  He has no problems dropping back and defending against the pass.  David is just a hell of a LB and until he got on the field on a regular basis, Michiganís defense was just average.  He is smart and shows leadership skills by his play on the field.  David reminds me a lot of Harry Carson (Hall of Fame MLB Garden St Giants).   



David does not have the pure speed that teams are looking for in a MLB for todayís game, but he makes up for it in other ways.  He plays with character, intelligence, passion and then talent.   



When David hit the field, his play allowed Branch and Woodley to become the players that they are today.  Branch picked up the trash, but David took it out and stuffed it into the cans.  Woodley always knew that David had his back, which allowed him to rush the passer and take chances on run plays that he would not have taken with a MLB who was not as strong as David.  Harry Carson taught Lawrence Taylor how to control his talent and get the most out of it -- thatís what David did for his college team also.  David is the type of player that is taken for granted until he is not on the field for a game or two, then all of a sudden, the defense starts to go to hell and everyone wonders why.  That same thing happened to Michigan.  David had some knee injuries and it wasnít until he got back on the field that everyone understood what he meant to his team.  For the NFL, David will be an excellent LB in a 3-4 defense and will impact almost right away.  In a 4-3, because of his lack of pure speed, it will take some time before coaches appreciate his talents.  If David can improve his speed, he just might make the first round because I know the Colts are looking for a player just like David to add to their defense.  I call him David (Trash Can) Harris because he knows how to take out the trash and STUFF it into the cans. 

Drew Boylhart