David Irons   CB   Auburn



David is a very underrated CB.  He has speed, quickness and very good change of direction skills.  He shows a quick hip-flip and is a sure tackler.  David plays bigger than his size and is a strong CB who works well in zone coverage and man-to-man coverage.  He is the type of CB that explodes into his tackles and makes WRs pay after catching the ball against him.  David shows quick feet and excellent timing when going up in the air to defend against a fade route in the end zone against a taller opponent.   He is smart and knows how to set up a QB.  David reminds me a lot of Nathan Vasher (CB Chicago Bears). 



If David were two inches taller, he would be rated as a first round pick.  He has to add some bulk and work a little on his hands, but the truth is that David is a pretty complete CB.    



Size is a factor now with CBs because there are so many WRs that are 6 0 and over, but that will not be a problem for David because he is an excellent athlete that uses his brains as much as he uses his talent.  I dont believe that David will stop trying to improve and the team that drafts this kid is going to have a very hard time keeping him off the field.   As I said before, David reminds me a lot of Nathan Vasher and is being pigeon-holed and underrated like Nathan was by everyone but us at THR (see Archives).  Because there are so many bigger CBs in this draft, David will be rated much lower than he should be by most teams in this draft.  However, the team that drafts him will get a first rate cover corner with impact potential and a player who will become a core player for that team.  I will rate David as a second round talent because he does need some technique work and Im not sure of his special team skills.  But make no mistake about it, David is going to be a hell of a DB for the team that drafts him.     

Drew Boylhart