Daymeion Hughes   CB   California



Daymeion has that pipe cleaner type of build that seems to be very beneficial to the CB position in general.  He has good speed and quickness and seems to be a smart player.  He is a strong tackler and does a solid job supporting the run and tackling in the open field.  Daymeion has a nose for the ball and shows agile hands and body control to intercept the ball when its in the air.  He shows good man-to-man coverage skills and looks to have some leadership qualities that should do him well at the next level.  Daymeion reminds me a lot of Dunta Robinson (CB Houston Texans.) 



Daymeion has those long legs that can cause problems at the next level if hes assigned to cover a small, quick receiver like a Steve Smith.  Then again, everyone has problems covering him!  Of course, he needs more muscle and strength and you would like to see him be a bit more physical, but that should all come in time. 



Daymeion has as much pure talent as Dunta Robinson did when he came out; however, he is not as physical and he plays on the west coast, so he doesnt get the attention that Dunta received when he was in college.  Daymeion has faced some pretty good QBs and WRs in the Pac 10 and stood up well to the challenge.  I think the biggest question mark that I have of Daymeion is exactly how fast and quick he really is.  He shows me on film that he has an excellent burst when the play is in front of him.  He is quick to support the run and quick to burst to the ball, but its hard for me to see exactly how fast he might be.  At times, he looks a lot faster than most, if not all others, that are on the film.  Then I realize that those players are not that fast.  For me, the combine will be the way to settle this issue and if he goes to the combine and shows 4.30 to 4.40 speed along with good quickness, you will see Daymeion shoot up the boards really fast.  If he shows 4.50 speed, you will most likely see him picked late 1st to early 2nd round.  Because of his lack of bulk, Daymeion will most likely be thought of as more of a zone coverage CB.  Either way you look at it, Daymeion should be an excellent corner for the team that drafts him.  A little bulking up, a little technique work and you have yourself a hell of a DB and a core player for the team that drafts him. 

Drew Boylhart