DeShawn Wynn   RB   Florida



DeShawn is a powerfully-built RB with excellent speed and quickness.  He can do it all on the field and is a naturally gifted RB.  His talent to play at the next level is the type of natural talent that few RB’s have.  He has excellent vision and very quick lateral agility to make defenders miss him in the hole.  DeShawn shows good hands and excellent burst to take a swing pass or screen pass all the way.  When he hits the hole with authority, and runs with exceptional balance, it makes it very hard to arm tackle him.  He understands situational football and is a smart player on the field.  DeShawn has first round talent so you have to ask yourself, “Why isn’t DeShawn being thought of as a first round pick in this draft?”



Before this season, DeShawn’s naturally gifted RB talents were married to a donkey’s brain!  It’s just that simple!  His disrespect for authority figures and lack of work ethic is what was holding him back more than anything else.  DeShawn also seemed to let his injuries dictate his playing time and in what games he wanted to play.  This year, I have seen slow maturation to a person who seems to be ready to work harder and take responsibilities for his actions on and off the field -- but it is still up in the air.



I think this coaching staff has done a decent job trying to get DeShawn to realize that for all his natural talent, DeShawn is not using them correctly, nor is he working hard enough.  He has the strength to be a strong, powerful RB like a smaller version of Cory Dillon (RB New England Patriots), but for some reason, he thinks his style should be more like Barry Sanders (former RB Detroit Lions).  Urban Myers has demanded that DeShawn become the player his talents suggest that he can become.     If DeShawn had been behaving himself and working hard all along I believe he would have been considered a top RB in this draft.  I did a search on DeShawn and found out that he did do his schoolwork -- enough for him to be in a position to graduate.  That tells me a lot about this kid.  It tells me that maybe this kid just has, or had, problems that have nothing to do with immaturity.  If he has a good bowl game and works out well at the combine, you could see DeShawn move up the charts and maybe into the latter part of the first day.  I think that once he gets to the NFL, he is still in for a shock; however, if he has turned the corner of not challenging authority figures and working hard, then he is going to be one of the surprises of this draft.  I would suspect that a team in the playoffs that needs a good back would be looking really hard at DeShawn.  Personally, for me, I like this kid’s potential.  I’m not sure if I would draft him on the first day, but I know I would not hesitate to draft him sometime on the second day of the draft.  Sometimes you just have to let your gut guide your draft choices.  My gut is screaming “Sleeper pick, sleeper pick!”

Drew Boylhart