Doug Datish   OC/OG   Ohio St



Doug is an excellent center with leadership skills and overall techniques that put him right up there with the better centers in any draft.  He has good size and has no problems at all with the shotgun snap.  He is in total control of the offensive line, the offensive line calls and does not make many mistakes.  He is a fast learner and has improved dramatically from the beginning of the year to now with his line calls.  Doug shows good quickness out of his stance and shows excellent strength and leverage when blocking a player right on his nose.  He shows good lateral agility to help out his guards when needed and does a solid job with his combo blocks.  Doug is an excellent center that has proven guard experience; however, for me personally, his value as a center is much higher because of his on the field maturity and because he is one smart Buckeye.    



Doug lacks some foot speed to go out and block a linebacker.  This is not a problem at the college level, but it will be noted for the next level.  This will not stop Doug from becoming one of the best centers at the next level, however it may affect where he is picked in the draft.  Picky, picky, picky.



Although Doug is not as athletically talented as Nick Mangold his teammate from last year, he is as good a leader and technician as Nick was.  If you are a team that is up against a lot of 3-4 defensive teams in your division and you need a center that can help you right away, you might want to pick this kid up as fast as you can.  If you are a team that goes up against any defense and you need a center, you had better not wait too long because this kid will be gone.  If you are a team picking in the top ten of the second round and you need a center, then you are a fool passing on this kid because he has enough talent to be taken in the latter part of the 1st round.  Itís his leadership and strength that make him so intriguing to me.  You cannot put enough of a value on leadership.  I think that the Jets might have taken a page from my draft book last year and the benefits are showing up big time for them already.  Picking Ferguson and Mangold (whom I had listed in my personal top ten picks of that draft) might have shown the rest of the league that if you want to build a team really fast, then you must pick offensive lineman with leadership qualities and talent.  If you pick players that have both these skills at any one of the O-line positions, you will see that the LTI ratio for an impact starter will be very quick and rewarding.

Drew Boylhart