Drew Stanton   QB   Michigan St



Drew has a good strong arm to go along with decent size and athleticism to play his position.  He does a solid job throwing on the run and a good job managing the game plan.  Drew throws with strong accuracy when he has time in the pocket and also when he throws on the run.  He reminds me a lot of Jake Plummer (QB Denver Broncos.)  Drewís had a very good college career; he has the physical talent and athleticism to play at the next level. 



Drew has a ton of problems with the mental portion of his game.  He struggles handling pressure, making good decisions and his lack of consistency (in general) for a kid that has started as many games as he has, is baffling to say the least. 



Drew is a boom or bust QB.  There is no doubt about his athletic ability, but he should be much further along with the mental portion of his game than he is right now.  As I have already stated, he reminds me a lot of Jake Plummer (QB Denver Broncos.)  He has the same inconsistency in his game that Jake has and unless Drew is picked by a team that has a very strong Head Coach who is willing to wait for Drew to mature (in about five years), then Iím just not sure he will ever be the QB that his athletic talent suggests he can be.  He looks like he is a good kid and a hard worker, but it is obvious that he has trouble bringing what he has learned on the practice field onto the game field and executing when the pressure is on.  Right now, because Drew is such a threat to run the ball and scramble, he is able to make big plays; however, at the next level, he will have to learn to stay in the pocket and make his big plays from the pocket as the pressure is closing in around him.  He has not learned to do that at the college level and I think it will be way too late for him to learn it at the pro level.  You all see that Brady Quinn has made an effort this year to play more from the pocket and has done a very good job.  Drew has not even made the effort.  You have to question why?  Is it because he doesnít want to - or is it because he canít take the pressure and has to leave the pocket to make big plays? That will not work at the next level.  Moving around in the pocket is one thing.  Scrambling and rushing yards for a QB is another thing.  All running QBís at the college level take longer to learn to stay in the pocket and be productive no matter how athletic they are and no matter how strong an arm they have.  We all know that most QBís are taken higher in the draft than they should be; for me personally, I would not take Drew any higher than the third round.  Iím sure he will be taken in the first, but I think it will be a big mistake if he is.  Drew needs a lot of time to mature football-wise before he will be a consistent QB and is able to lead a team of players that will respect his ability to handle pressure in the pocket without scrambling to make the big play.

Drew Boylhart