Dwayne Bowe   WR   LSU



Dwayne is a very strong, powerful WR with excellent size for his position.  He has good speed and great hands.  He is an excellent blocker and is the go to WR for his college team.  Dwayne is just this year discovering what fun it is to play this game when your team is counting on you to be the man.  Dwayne plays the WR position with power -- not finesse.  He likes being physical and catching the ball in traffic.  He reminds me a lot of Eric Moulds WR Houston Texans. 



Dwayne needs to get better in reading defenses and running routes as well as how to  set up CBs for the big play down the field.  I have no doubt that he will work and improve and become one of the most consistent WRs from this class. 



I dont know how many first downs Dwaynes made for his team when they need one, but I can tell you this I bet there is not another WR in college that is better than Dwayne at moving the chains for his team.  Dwayne is a clutch WR that every team needs to be successful.  Dont be fooled -- he has the speed to go deep and he also has the strength to go up in the air and beat a double team.  The big change for Dwaynes game came after he had an eye operation and stopped double clutching the ball when it was thrown his way.  His depth perception was askew, but the operation corrected this and now Dwayne is having fun playing the game.  When push comes to shove, you need this kid on your team.  You want this kid on your team and if you dont pick him, I would rather you just go home and think about what the draft is all about.  Its about picking players that are winners.  Its not about picking players that have the best stats.   Dwayne is the type of physical WR that every team needs to be successful.  He blocks, he catches the ball when its thrown to him and he is a leader through his play on the field.  I call him Dwayne (Clutch) Bowe.

Drew Boylhart