Dwayne Wright   RB   Fresno St



Dwayne has natural RB skills to go along with good size for his position.  He is a power tailback that breaks tackles and follows his blockers to make his big gains.  Dwayne runs with those little short pitter-patter steps and then when he sees a hole, he slips through and goes for five or ten yards.   He runs with good lean and shows decent hands catching the ball out of the backfield.  Dwayne gives a solid effort when he blocks and right now, I would say the best fit for Dwayne to impact at the next level would be an offense that uses a zone blocking scheme. 



Dwayne needs to lose some weight to gain some quickness to his game.  He also has to learn to play smarter and understand situational football.  He is the type of player that needs to know where the first down marker is all the time.  He might not be all the way back from a knee injury and this might be the reason for his lack of quickness and burst through hole.  Not a bad burst for the college level, but not good enough for the next level right now. 



Dwayne is a system RB.  That makes his LTI subject to being in the right place at the right time.  He must lose weight and gain some quickness or he will not make it.  I guess he could bulk up to be used as a fullback, but Iím not convinced he has what it takes to be a fullback at the next level.  Fullback is a mentally taxing position in the NFL -- especially if a team wants to use you as an H-back also.  Right now, Dwayne takes the ball and runs.  That part comes easy to him and asking him to start playing a position that does not come easy is asking too much.  Donít get me wrong -- he looks like he is a good kid, but I do question his mental toughness and ability to learn a tough offense at the next level in a way that he doesnít have to think before he acts.  He does not have the quickness in his game that could afford him to hesitate at all in anyway right now.  If he does, he will get lost in the shuffle.  Like I saidÖfor the right team and if he loses weight, he could impact; however, everything has to fall in place for that to happen.  He is certainly worth a pick on the second day if you need a back and use zone blocking for your offense.  He is a tough kid with good skills; he just must add some quickness to his game to succeed. 

Drew Boylhart