Earl Everett   LB   Florida



Earl is an extremely athletic LB.  He is quick, fast and an excellent coverage LB.  He does a good job blitzing a QB and will run players down from behind with ease.  Earl has the speed and quickness to be fooled on a screen play or swing pass out of the backfield and still recover to make the tackle for a loss or no gain.  He is a good tackler and shows leadership qualities.  Earl plays hard on every down and, in time, should be an impact player at the next level for the team that drafts him. 



For a player that has played as much as Earl has for his team, you would think that he would be able to diagnose plays quicker and not make so many mistakes that he now covers up with his excellent athletic talent.  Earl is the type of LB that needs to see into the backfield and then react.  With his talent and size, you would think that he would be able to play MLB; however, he does not read blocking assignments and is not the type of LB that likes to meet and greet a big guard on running plays, shed and make the tackle. 



Earl has first round talent, but his LTI is third round because he has not improved mentally from one year to the next.  He makes all his plays right now on athletic talent and when he makes mistakes, he is so quick to recover and make the big play in spite of making the wrong read and being in the wrong place.  Earl is the type of player that will make a tackle for a three-yard gain when, if he was in the right spot and had made the right read, he would have made the tackle behind the line of scrimmage for a three yard loss instead of a three yard gain.  That works in college, but at the next level, that tackle for a three yard gain now becomes a missed tackle because he got blocked making the wrong read and being in the wrong place.  Earl is in for a frustrating time at the next level until he starts to match his mental talents to his athletic talent.  He also needs to learn to play the run much better than he does right now.  He tries to run around blocks too much instead of taking them on and letting someone else make the tackle or shedding the block and making the tackle himself.  Earl has big impact potential and for that reason, he is another player that might be taken in the first round of this draft.  For me, his LTI is out there a little bit, but the draft is all about potential and Earl is a hard worker and with a good LB coach, he could cut his LTI down.  I donít look for him to play any other position right now than WLB.  Maybe later in his career he could handle the other positions because of his excellent athletic talent and pass defend skills but for now, I would just leave him on the weak side and let him develop and flow to the play.    

Drew Boylhart