Enoka Lucas   C/G   Oregon



Enoka has good size and shows natural strength which makes it easy for him to handle a player right on his nose.  He shows solid leadership skills and makes the players around him better.  Enoka has strong balance and shows decent lateral agility.  He looks to be quick out of his stance and has enough agility to go out and get the LB.  Enoka looks to be a solid offensive lineman who, in the film I have, improves from game to game.  His game translates very well to the next level and I believe he still has not reached his peak. 



Enoka looks to me like he might have been playing through an injury and, believe it or not, by doing this, he improved his balance in both run and pass blocking.  Itís hard to say if he is going to be able to be used in a pulling offensive line system, but he will definitely give you the effort.  All that being said, he needs to improve his footwork to be more than just an average center; I think he can do this. 



Enoka is just the type of interior lineman that you want to draft because he will continue to get better and that, along with his leadership skills, is what you should be looking for when drafting O-linemen.  He looks like he is a smart kid and the worst-case scenario is that if he doesnít work out at center (because of his footwork), you will still have a hell of a right guard.  Enoka is very strong and looks like he will be an excellent run blocker and a solid pass blocker.  He will be able to handle those big old boys that you run up against in a 4-3 defense without many problems in a year or two.  If Iím right and he was working through a knee sprain or foot injury, then you just might have a player that will be even better than I see on the film right now.  He might start for a team right away and that means that if he is taken in the later rounds of the draft, you have yourself a sleeper.  So keep an eye on this kid after the draft is over because in the draft, there is nothing more satisfying than finding a late round sleeper -- especially when it is an offensive lineman as they usually have good long careers.   

Drew Boylhart