Eric Frampton   S   Washington St



Eric is a strong, quick safety that looks for the hard hit to intimidate players from taking advantage of his lack of pure athleticism.  He is smart and plays with excellent passion.  He has leadership qualities through his play on the field and big play potential because of his excellent instincts.  Eric reminds me a lot of Lawyer Milloy (S Atlanta Falcons).



Eric is a system safety that should be drafted by a team that uses a two-deep zone safety defense.  He has to take chances to make a big play and this lends itself to him being susceptible to double moves and not being able to recover quickly enough to stop the big play in the passing game.  As long as he keeps the play in front of him, he will be all right.  He is a big hitter, but is not a wrap up, squeeze and drive tackler.  If you use him in the box on running downs, he will be susceptible to RBís breaking tackles and going for the long run.  He has to play more under control and stop trying to make every hit a big hit. 



The fans will love this kid, but the coaches will be giving themselves atomic wedgies trying to keep this kid from taking too many uncalculated chances and giving up the big play.  For every big play he makes, Eric will give up a bigger play later on in the game at the worse time.  He is the type of safety that offensive coordinators will set up to take advantage of later on in the game.  Like I said, he reminds me a lot of Lawyer Milloy who, if you ask most fans, will tell you that he is a great player, but he has been with three different teams because he can be taken advantage of if you set him up for it later in the game.  He just doesnít get the big picture and I would have to say that Eric has the same problems.  Eric will start for a team very early and will become a fan favorite, but unless he starts to play smarter, the coaches will sour on him after a few years and he will start to bounce around from team to team until he realizes that not every play needs to be an impact play for him to be successful.  Eric can be a solid two-deep zone safety if he learns to tackle better and play smarter.  He is at a crossroads in his career for this draft.  He can be a player like Lawyer Milloy, always going for the big fan favorite impact hit, but who struggles to make the sure tackle and keep the play in front of him!  Or, he can be a player like John Lynch who is a sure tackler and although he lacks the coverage abilities in the passing game, he understands situational football so that he is not taken advantage of in the passing game.  It will be up to Eric what type of player he will become, but it will not take much for him to be a John Lynch type of safety if he wants to be.   On the second day of the draft, Eric should be one of those hot players everyone wants and needs.  If he can play more under control, trust his instincts, let the play come to him and then make the big play, Eric could become an outstanding two-deep zone safety  It will be all up to him.  Eric has good overall potential, but not as a first day pick (in my opinion).

Drew Boylhart