Eric Weddle   CB/S   Utah



Eric is a solid CB with good techniques and excellent tackling ability.  He is quick to come up and support the run and does a good job keeping his body control to intercept the ball.  He is a fighter and a smart player.  Eric has impact speed and shows a good burst when the ball is in the air or when heís going to make a tackle.  He does a great job fighting for the ball against bigger opponents and will not be out muscled around the goal line.  He shows good special teams skills along with strong leadership qualities; he can make the players around him better. 



Eric has good speed and burst, but he is locked in the hips a little and although he has very strong CB techniques, he is more of a zone CB or safety for the next level. He lacks the quickness and flexibility to be a true cover corner, but to be honest, he could be a solid CB.  The problem for Eric is that he could be an impact Free Safety, but for some reason, he wants to try being a solid CB.



I have seen this kid play all over the field and to be honest, except for his tackling abilities, I have never been overly impressed.  He seemed to be a jack-of-all-trades Ė- ace of none -- type of guy.  Until the last play of the recent bowl game, I was going to profile this kid as an average player for the next level; a player who doesnít have a true position for the next level.  Then I saw him play in a prevent zone for the last play of the game in what I would consider a free safety position.  His burst and north-south speed in the air to intercept the ball made me realize that this kid would be an excellent two deep zone safety with good cover skills and the speed to go sideline to sideline as a single safety.  Add to this his leadership skills and tackling techniques and you have yourself an impact player for your defense and a player you can build your defense around.  Here is the big problem:  is this kid ready to change positions?  If he wants to stay at CB, he is not going to impact.  He should be a solid #2 CB -- itís just that simple.  This is a kid that thinks he can do anything he wants to on the field.  At the college level, he is made out to be a god.  If the kid wants to move to the safety position without first trying to be a CB, then he should be able to help a team right away.  However, if he wants to stay at CB, then he will help out at first as a nickel-dime DB and on special teams.  Sometimes the biggest problem for a kid like Eric is coming down to earth and realizing that maybe he is a standout college player, but at the next level, he will be lucky to be just another good player.

Drew Boylhart