Eric Wright   CB   UNLV



Eric reminds me a lot of Pac Man Jones (CB Tennessee Titans).  He is quick, fast and is a pure cover corner that looks for the interception and likes to take the pick all the way to the house.  He is very dangerous in the return game on special teams, and special team coaches will have to game plan for him.  Eric is a playmaker and has as much pure talent to play his position as anyone in this draft.  He has 1st round talent.  He is smart and plays on the field with good intelligence and is a very dangerous zone CB.  Eric is a solid tackler who gets the job done in this area.   Eric Wright has the potential to be a franchise CB. 



Eric has had some off-field issues stemming from an incident in 2005.  Since that time, to my knowledge, there have not been any further off field issues that I can find pertaining to Eric at all.  Is this a case of a kid being in the wrong place at the wrong time? 



I personally feel that this kid got into a bad situation.  He has shown me that it is not likely that he will get into another one.  When Pac Man Jones came out, he had baggage that you would not believe.  That baggage has followed him to the NFL and if he were on a team in the NFL that got the same amount of press as say, the teams that Terrell Owens has played on, well, letís just say the Press would have been eaten Pac Man up by now.  You guys should know by now that Iím big on character, but this kid did not have trouble with his coaches or teammates.  He was never suspended and he sat out a year without getting into any problems.  He came back this year to prove that he still has his talent, so I guess Iím saying that I think that this report might mean that he was a victim of circumstances beyond his control.  He got in over his head.  You all know by now that I will not rate talent over character.  I know how a childhood friend or just a person who you might have thought was your friend can put you in a bad situation.  We all want people to like us, and it is hard to let go of some of your past friends even if you know they are bad.  It is my guess that Eric has learned a lesson that has cost him a lot of money, but just might make him a better person in the future.     

Drew Boylhart