Fred Bennett   CB   South Carolina



Fred has the size, speed and quickness to be an excellent shut down cover corner at the next level.  He shows excellent body control when he goes up for the ball and shows good hands to make the interception.  Fred is a smart CB that does not get fooled twice on the same move.  If you beat him, he shrugs it off because he has the confidence that itís just a matter of time before he makes a play on you.  Fred reminds me of Deion Sanders when he plays. 



The only problem I see with Fredís game is, just like Deion, he does not like to tackle RBís who sweep around his side.  Fred is also very skinny and Iím not sure if he can take the pounding of an every down CB.



Fred will be able to help the team that drafts him right away.  The only problem is that he will be limited to nickel-dime packages because he is not interested in tackling and supporting his teammates in run support.  Deion Sanders played for a lot of teams in the NFL and believe me, it was not because those teams thought he was too much trouble to deal with.  Teams let Dion go in free agency because he refused to tackle.  Itís that simple.  Fred reminds me a lot of Deion.  In fact, he is almost a clone.  Fred is a little taller and doesnít have the muscle that Deion had, but their coverage abilities are about the same.  Fred is a smart player and he knows if he starts to get aggressive in run support, he will most likely get hurt and not be able to play.  So feel free to draft Fred as long as you realize that he is a nickel-dime cover corner and donít expect him to all of a sudden become a complete corner because you draft him too high.  Fred doesnít have to play every down to lead your team in interceptions.  He could very easily lead your team in interceptions just playing on third and long or on the goal line taking away the fade pass to a big tall WR.  That is the perfect fit for Fred.  But he is not going to all of a sudden turn into a great run support CB just because you drafted him.  Fred is Fred, and what you see now is what you are going to get.  A hell of a cover corner who makes plays, but will not support the run.   A CB that doesnít support the run in college against players who are never going to make it to the next level sure as hell is not going to support the run against monster RBís that run faster and hit harder at the next level. 


Drew Boylhart