Greg Olsen   TE   Miami



Greg has good size and straight-line speed to play the TE position.  He has decent hands on the short and intermediate routes and does a solid job when he blocks straight ahead for the running game.   Greg looks like he is a hard worker and a good teammate and when heís playing, he gives good effort on every play.  



Greg does not have very good feet.  He lacks quickness when he pulls and has a lot of trouble getting out in front of his block on sweeps.  He lacks the lateral agility to help much when pass blocking and doesnít do a good job catching the ball down the field on long passes because he is a bit of a ďbody catcherĒ.  He gets too high when trying to run block and loses leverage.  Of course, he must get bigger and stronger and build up his stamina.  Most of this can be corrected through hard work, but catching the ball downfield on the deep pass will always be a problem and catching the ball with consistency will be a problem if he cannot teach himself to catch the ball with his hands for every play.  



Greg is being rated high because he comes from a college that has produced some pretty good TEís over the years.  Greg does not have their talent.  Itís just that simple.  He could play at the next level, but I think with his lack of foot quickness and agility that he will continue to have shoulder problems from being out of position while trying to block.  This does not mean that Greg cannot be successful at the next level.  What it does mean is that for the next level, his strength will be in blocking and he has a lot to work on.  His lack of consistency in moving the chains on third down is something that just cannot be overlooked.  I donít see that changing much unless he is drafted by a team with a starting QB who throws the ball with weak to average velocity.  Maybe then he can body-catch the ball and secure it. 

Drew Boylhart