HB Blades   LB   Pittsburgh



HB is a head up, wrap up, squeeze and drive tackler who understands how to play the game of football.  He has an excellent burst to the ball and great instincts.  His leadership qualities are found in only the best pure LBís.  HB reminds me of Harry Carson LB who played a few years ago for the New York Giants.  He has good bulk to go along with his excellent leadership skills and makes the players around him better.  When you need a big play in the run game or passing game, HB will provide it.  HB is the type of player that plays faster than he is because he is so very smart and is a natural at playing the LB position.  HB just makes tackles Ė thatís all he does is make tackles. 



HB is not big enough, fast enough or good enough in coverage because he lacks the pure speed and athleticism.  Thatís what the experts will say and believe me when I say this -- all of it means nothing.  HB will be an excellent LB for the team that drafts him.  Believe me, you can take that to the bank!



HB plays the game like a narc looking for drugs at a biker rally.  He is on the field working the game just like an undercover cop works the crowd at the rally.  Like that cop, heís all over the place and just when everything looks like it is going to fall apart -- no bust or drugs Ė HB, using his instincts, moves in and makes an impact play.  When he makes the play, itís like a pit bull all over a poodle in the breeding season.  Not a pretty sight.  HB plays the game like London Fletcher and Zack Thomas -- two other LBís that donít have the athletic talent that the pro scouts look for and yet both are Pro Bowl players with pretty good careers under their belts.  He will get faster every year he plays because he will have more experience to go along with his instincts, which will make him seem faster than he is.  HB will improve in the passing game because he will learn that his team needs his leadership on the field for all three downs.  Do yourself a favor and draft HB Blades because he will be the leader of your defense for many years to come just like Harry Carson was and London Fletch and Zack Thomas are today.

Drew Boylhart