Jacoby Jones   WR   Lane



I do not know where Lane College is, so the only film that I have seen on Jacoby is from the East-West Shrine game.  Iíll do the best I can with this limited film. 

Jacoby looks like a WR.  He has the body type, does a good job in running the routes and in catching the ball.  Nothing got into his body.  He looks like he has decent speed and seems to be quick with explosion off the line and strength to handle the bump techniques that will be used against him.  He seems to learn on every play and every route and corrects his mistakes when they are pointed out to him.  He is very coachable and looks like he plays the game with good passion -- of course, thatís easy to say in this case.  Jacoby has very good developmental talent to play at the next level. 



He will have to get used to being hit at the next level and bouncing back up without letting it bother him when he goes across the middle on the next play.   He has to learn how to block and to catch the ball everytime it is thrown too him.  To be honest, except for the hitting across the middle, he is about as far along in his development as most of the WRís are in this draft.



Iím putting a sixth round talent grade on him because I just have not seen enough film on this kid to give him a higher grade.  I usually do my profiles from tape of the season and not from tapes of bowl games or any all-star games.   Jacoby looks the part, but talent is not what makes you successful at the next level.  Itís character, intelligence, passion and then talent.  I can see, just like you, that he has the talent; however, because I have only limited film on this kid, I donít have a clue what to give him in the other categories.  I donít know if he takes plays off or why he has all this talent but played at Lane College?  I donít know the quality of the QBís arm that threw to him to know if he really does have good hands and concentration.  I mean, for a kid this talented, his stats are not very impressive.  Iím not sure if that means anything because I just have not seen him play enough.  I know everyone wants to find that player from a small college so that they look like they are smarter than everyone else, but I donít see any great rush to pick this kid over a number of other players in this draft.  Iíll cover my butt and say that this kid has as good a chance to make an impact for the team that drafts him as any of the other ten or twelve WRís in this draft.  Iíll also say this:  in another draft that did not have so many good WRís in it, this kid could be a first day pick.  But I donít have a clue how successful he will be for the team that drafts him because I just have not seen enough film on him and there are a lot of unanswered questions about his lack of domination and general play at a small college.  Maybe if I had more film and could sit down with him, these questions would be answered.  But Iím not going to blow smoke at the members about a player I have not really seen play.  I believe thatís why you are members in the first place at THR -- because you know I wonít pretend to know a player that I have never seen.


Drew Boylhart