James Marten   OT   Boston College



James has excellent size for his position.  He is a fighter and plays with good mental toughness.  He shows leadership abilities with his play on the field and has surprising athleticism for a person his height.  James does a good job using his hands and in blocking for both the run and the pass.  His game translates very well to the next level and in a few years, James is going to be one of the better RTís in the NFL -- but it will take some time. 



As with most Boston College linemen (defense or offense), James has very poor techniques and does not use his athletic abilities to his advantage.  There are more negatives than positives in his techniques right now, but also as with all linemen who come out of this program, he does not lack the passion to play the game or the mental toughness that will be needed for him to improve his techniques. 



James needs a ton of technique work especially in the passing game, but this should not deter a team from drafting him as early as the second round.  When I watch him play, he makes my head hurt with his lunging, crossing his feet and lack of good balance and leverage.  But I believe that you have to see past that to his size and combine numbers to realize that because of the effort he gives on every play, he just needs some good coaching and time to develop.  The draft is about potential and James has a ton of it.  I waited for his combine numbers because linemen coming out of this program never look good technique-wise, but I will say this for these coaches, they know how to bring out the passion in their players and you have to respect that.  Right now, James does an excellent impression of Lurch -Ė the butler for the Addams family.  The combine numbers tell me that for some reason this kid does not move his feet when he blocks like his agility numbers suggest that he should.  Somebody needs to sit this kid down in front of some film of a former player who plays with excellent technique and tell him that he will not see the field unless he starts to improve in these areas.  I believe that if you give him a year or two, he should be one of the better RTís for the team that drafts him.  Until that happens, Iím calling him James (Lurch) Marten.  Itís my guess that in a few years, James will be as dependable at answering the bell for the team that drafts him as Lurch was for the Addams Family.

Drew Boylhart