Jared Zabransky   QB   Boise St



Jared has excellent arm strength and accuracy for the QB position.  He shows me on film that he has superior leadership qualities and is very athletic.  He handles pressure well and does a decent job throwing on the run.  Jared runs a 4.50 forty and could most likely play more than one position if he chose to do so -- he has that type of athleticism.  Jared also has not reached his potential as a QB.  He is just now realizing his own talents and is becoming more and more confident of his talents every time I see him play.  Jared has the same athletic talent as JP Losman (QB Buffalo Bills) had when he came out for the draft.   



Jared is just now starting to show improvement in the confidence he shows in himself and his talents.  He is still a QB that should be developed slowly and with good coaching.  JP Losman has shown me (to his credit), a serious turnaround in his mental stamina, maturity, authority issues and in summary, he just started listening to his coaches.   Jared will also need good coaching to continue to develop the confidence in himself that is so needed for the next level.  The confidence needed to see a person through the pressures of having a whole franchise on your back when itís going through tough times. 



Before this draft is all said and done, I would not be surprised to see Jared rated ahead of Troy Smith and also drafted before of Troy.  Jared has had better coaching and is further along than Troy.  Both players are winners and some teams will like the mental strength of one player over another.   Both players have 1st round talent and are winners.  I also believe these players will be up against each other in big games at the pro level over the next several years.  They both have that Drew Breesí (QB New Orleans Saints) style of play -- that ďI will do anything and use anyone to win this gameĒ attitude.  The will to win and the will to make others around you want to win and play as hard as you play is what makes these QBís successful.  You see it with Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, and Jeff Garcia.  You see it with players that are tall or short, with good arms or average arms.  It does not matter.  They believe in distributing the ball to the open man and not trying to win the game all by themselves.  They believe in playing the game first with character, intelligence, passion and secondly, with talent.  Jared Zabransky could very well be this type of QB.  Go slow, give him time and draft the same type of players around him that he is and you will see it.  I see it!

Drew Boylhart