Jarrett Hicks   WR   Texas Tech



Jarrett has strong, natural athletic talent.  He has very good size and strength and does a solid job catching the ball.  He has great quickness, which he uses with his strength to get off the line.  He does a good job in and out of his cuts and uses his body to shield the defender when going to get the ball.  Jarrett is a big WR and is successful in gaining yards after the catch.  He is another WR that would fit a West Coast Offense system or a team that has a weak-armed QB.  He has excellent overall talent to play at the next level and could be a good developmental WR for the team that drafts him. 



He is lazy!  He doesnít like to block!  He runs sloppy, lazy routes!  He has the work ethic of an old man in a rest home that doesnít want to live anymore.  Other than that, he has solid talent and could be a hell of a WR if he works hard.   



If someone could just shove their foot up this kidís hindquarters, he might be a damn good player.  He has the same talent as Dwayne Jarrett (WR Ė USC) whom most everyone in the entire world (but me) thinks should be a first round pick in this draft.  The problem for Jarrett is that Dwayne played in a pro style offense and runs much better routes; he is also smart enough to impact for his team when the TV cameras are on.  Jarrett Hicks has a lot more to learn about the game of football for the next level and the offense they run at Texas Tech does not in any way prepare a WR for the next level.  My guess is that Jarrett doesnít realize that.  He thinks he is pretty much a finished product and Iím not convinced he has the intelligence or work ethic to change that.  So, you have a pretty talented kid who lacks the character, intelligence, and passion, but does have decent talent to play at the next level.  Tell me, where would you draft this kid?  

Drew Boylhart