Jarvis Moss   DE/OLB   Florida



Jarvis is a very athletic DE with excellent quickness off the line of scrimmage.  He shows good change of direction skills and when he gets a jump on an OT, he is close to impossible to stop before he gets to the QB.  He is a smart kid and understands situational football.  Jarvis has the speed and burst to run down plays easily from behind and he shows some leadership skills by his play on the field.  Jarvis is athletic enough to play in any kind of defense and he reminds me a lot of Jason Taylor (DE Miami Dolphins). 



He struggles making tackles when being blocked head-on in the run game.  He needs to get a lot stronger without losing his quickness, which could be a problem.  Jarvis was suspended for a game this year and has had significant medical problems in his past that need to be evaluated.  In spite of this, he could impact right away as a pass rush specialist. 



I donít believe that Jarvis will have too many problems adjusting to the next level and impacting, but I do believe that he will have to be brought along slowly because of his past medical history.  He needs to get a lot more strength and bulk to handle the pounding at the next level.  He shies away from contact on the running plays, which will make him more of a pass rush specialist for his first few years.  My big concern with that is I donít have confidence that Jarvis will work hard enough to become more than a pass rush specialist.  I think he will be very happy just coming on the field and having everyone fear him as a pass rusher.  I donít blame the kid.  Why should he strive to become a complete player when he can make plenty of money just being a pass rush specialist?  I think that as his body matures, he adds bulk and after his first contract is up and teams do not want to pay what his agent insists he should be paid -- that is when he will be motivated to become a full time player and I think he will be a good one.  Jarvis has the athletic talent to play in a 3-4 defense as an OLB, but that ugly ďI donít want to tackle on running playsĒ attitude is going to rear its ugly head if he does play that position on every down.  You saw it early in the championship game when Ohio St ran the ball around and right past Jarvis.  The big gains to his side in the run game were enormous.  However, later in the game, you saw Jarvis camped out in Troy Smithís face, causing all types of havoc when Ohio St had to pass to catch up.  Jarvis will impact as a pass rusher his first few years.  This is why he just might be picked in the first round; however, personally for me, his former medical history directly affects his overall toughness and Iím convinced that is going to affect him becoming a complete player before his first contract is up!    

Drew Boylhart