Jason Hill   WR   Washington St 


Jason is an excellent, complete WR.  He runs excellent routes and his route-running techniques are well beyond the average WR coming out in the draft.  He catches the ball with his hands and is one of the best WRís going over the middle to catch the ball because he never loses technique or concentration.  Jay is a good blocker and for a starting WR, you very rarely see him come off the field when there is a special teams play.  Jason is very quick in and out of his breaks and although he is not the fastest or the strongest WR in this draft, he plays like he is.  Jason has the talent to be a #1 WR for the team that drafts him.  He reminds me a lot of Isaac Bruce (WR St. Louis Rams).   



Well, nobody knows about him because he plays out west.  Thatís about it -Ė oh yeah, he doesnít have 4.30sp and he has been struggling most of the year with a high ankle sprain.  Also, most of the scouts in the NFL do not like the competition level this team plays against in general so they will downgrade a player because of that issue.    



I will be very surprised if Jason is taken in the second round of this draft.  In fact, if he is not over the high ankle sprain heís been fighting and trying to play through most of this season, then he wonít be picked in the first day of this draft unless there is a team that is smart and has scouted this kid and seen play like I have.  Jason reminds me so much of Isaac Bruce that itís scary.  He is the type of kid that loves to play and has excellent natural talent.  Jason is not thinking about running his routes when he plays, he is just running them.  He runs them with ease and grace and is a very smart WR that knows how to set up a CB to get deep.  I think he might be the best WR that I have seen coming out in a draft that really understands how to run a crossing route.  He understands angles against CBís and safeties, which allows him to play faster than he is timed.  Heís very much like Hines Ward in that he understands how to get free while he is running his route.  Jason reads the defense and his opponentís body as he is running his routes.  There are WRís that have played for years that still donít understand how to do that.  A lack of pure speed and level of competition along with a high ankle sprain that Iím sure to this day is still acting up on him will keep teams from getting too excited about drafting Jason, but as soon as he gets to someoneís camp, he is going to push for a starting job on the team that drafts him. 

Drew Boylhart