Jason Snelling   RB/FB   Virginia



Jason played tailback for his college team this last year, but for the next level, he is a fullback and a damn good one at that.  In fact, in this draft, he might be the best pure fullback because he can do a little bit of everything.  He does a good job running between the tackles to get the tough yards, is an excellent lead blocker and shows great lateral agility to switch and pick up blitzing linemen when blocking in the passing game.  He shows decent hands coming out of the backfield as well as the intelligence to handle this multiĖtask position that, because of its complexities, has become a lost art in the pro football world.  Jason reminds me a lot of Tom Rathman (former FB San Francisco 49erís).  He is not the runner that Tom was, but he has all the other talents equal to Rathman and in the right offense, could become a core player for the team that drafts him. 



The biggest problem for Jason is that he was playing a position this year that he does not have athletic talent to play.  This caused him to be inconsistent in his game and most teams looking at him as a RB are thinking that he is back-up material.  I think he is a starting FB that will be a leader on special teams and in the locker room.  Of course everyone is going to tell you that he is too short to be a fullback, but as you know, that is a crock.  All of this might make Jason a free agent pick up after the draft.



Jason is the type of player who will become a core special teams player and help his offense to make those third and short yards that every offense needs to be a winning football team.  He will keep the chains moving for your offense either by making the yardage or making the block that allows someone else to make the yardage.  He looks like he is a good kid that is liked by his teammates and coaches and will do anything to get on the field and help his team win.  Iím hoping that he understands that for the next level, RB is not the position for him.  Jason could do some damage in the running game in a zone blocking scheme.  However, the truth is, as an every-down RB, he would only average 60-70 yds a game and that is just not going to do it at the next level.  He just does not have the elusiveness, vision or change of gear speed needed to handle the RB position at the next level.  As a change-up back who can be kept fresh, he will be very hard to stop around the goal line and in getting those tough third and short yards.  In this draft, there are some fullbacks with as much talent as Jason, but there are none that are better.  As you know by now, I do not consider Brian Leonard a fullback, so this makes Jason on my personal list as the top fullback in this draft.  Here is the rub Ė Jason is listed as a Running Back and Brian is listed as a Fullback!  You have to admit, Iíve got some set on me!  I bet there is not another scout, GM or draft analyst that has the guts to tell you that both of these players for the next level should be listed opposite of what they are listed right now! 

Drew Boylhart