Jay Moore   DE   Nebraska



Jay is a sleeper DE in this draft.  He has excellent size, strength, speed and burst to play his position.  He does a very good job defending against the run and looks to be a good teammate.  Jay has an excellent burst off the line of scrimmage to rush the QB and if he chose to, he could blow by just about any O-lineman at the college level; however, to his credit, he played within the scheme of the defensive system and was more interested in playing his assignment than freelancing and making flashy looking plays.  Jay has the potential to be an impact DE for the team that drafts him.    



Jay has two issues he needs to address:  1) he needs more confidence in his talent and 2) he needs a coach to bring out leadership qualities that are hidden away in Jay because he is such a good teammate and doesnít want to rock the boat, so to speak.  Of course he needs to learn better techniques and yada, yada, yada, get bigger and stronger, but that is the normal stuff that we all know about already.   



Jay has enormous potential, but because he was on a team with Adam Carriker, I feel he was willing to take a second chair, which caused him to be overlooked by most people who were looking at the other side of the D-line to watch Adam.  When I do my consulting work and seminars, I always use this analogy when trying to teach someone my system:  when you see an outstanding player on the defensive line or offensive line, make sure you look at the player who plays the same position on the opposite side of the line.  In most cases, youíll find a player who may be just as good or better than the player everyone else is raving about.  Last year, I told you all to look at the player on the other side of the defense from Mario Williams because he was a very good player.  Manny Lawson has done a pretty good job for the team that drafted him;  when I wrote my profile of him and rated him as a 1st round talent, no one had noticed Manny.  Now Iím telling you that Jay is as good a talent as Adam is and no one has noticed him either.  When he gets to the Senior Bowl and starts to workout, everyone is going to see some talents that have been hidden away because the kid is an excellent teammate.  Jay will be able to play either side of the line, but I think if a team is smart, they will put him on the strong side and leave him there because he is an excellent all around talent against the run and at rushing the passer.

Drew Boylhart