Jay Staggs   S   UNLV



This kid reminds me a lot of Troy Polamalu.  He is quick and fast with an excellent burst to make the tackle.  He shows excellent change of direction skills and never stops running until he hears the whistle.  Jay shows leadership qualities and looks to be an excellent teammate.  He understands situational football and better yet, seems to understand route running and anticipates where a receiver is going so that he is in place to make a play.  Jay has no problems supporting the run and is a sure tackler.  This is a very underrated football player and is the type of kid that has not reached his potential at this stage of his career.  I have a feeling that he would be an excellent special teams player and just might become the type of gunner on special teams that will put the fear into a punt returner similar to what Steve Tasker used to do in his playing days.  Jay is a very complete cover safety that can support the run as well as anybody in this draft.  He is always around the ball.



I could nit pick his game and tell you he needs to get bigger and stronger and he takes false steps, but all Jay needs are some repetitions at the next level to become an impact player for the team that drafts him.  Jay has an LTI that will make him a second day pick because he still has a lot to learn about the intricacies of his position, but he does have first day talent.  He has the intelligence to learn and the passion to improve. 



Jay will not be drafted on the first day of this draft, but he does have first day character, intelligence, passion and talent.  Now you might be asking yourself, if you rate him so high then why wonít he be drafted?  There are a lot of reasons, such as level of competition, scouts not wanting to bother because he is just a safety, etc.  Here is the main reason:  UNLV does not have the media savvy people behind the scenes pushing and prodding and paying the media to talk about its players.  Over the years, there have been a lot of good players to come out of this program, but I bet most people could not name one!   So here are a few names just to shake the cobwebs loose.  Keenan McCardell (WR originally drafted by the Redskins), Ickey Woods (Bengals RB), Randall Cunningham (Eagles QB), Tom Polley (Eagles LB) Ė just to name a few of the more well known players.  Now granted this was a few years back and in the last few years there havenít been many players picked from this program that have had much impact, but I believe that Jay will be a late round sleeper safety in this years draft.  Jay has the athletic talent of Troy Polamalu with the leadership skills of a John Lynch.  I know thatís pretty high praise to throw at you for a kid that might not even be drafted in this draft, but thatís what makes the draft so exciting every year.  The late round picks or rookie free agents that play and impact like a Tom Brady and a Marques Colston have.  It happens every year and I feel that Jay is a player that just might become one of those impact sleepers that we all talk about in a few years after this draft has been put to sleep.    

Drew Boylhart