Jeff Rowe   QB   Nevada



Jeff has a strong arm and good size for his position.  He plays in an offense that is called the pistol offense and that means that he is mostly in a shotgun-like formation.  He can make all the throws and shows good athleticism to move in the pocket and throw on the run with accuracy.  Jeff shows very good leadership qualities and, although he is in the pistol formation, he seems to handle pressure in the pocket without too many problems.  He is a good developmental QB who reminds me of Jake Delhomme (QB Carolina Panthers).



Jeff needs to learn just about everything about the mechanics of the pro style QB position because he has been in an offense that did not require this of him.  Three step, five step, seven step drops, along with moving up in the pocket to avoid the rush, etc.  This will all come in time and when it does, you just might have a pretty good starting QB. 



Sometimes you just look at a player and you see a potential starter -- not a franchise QB, but a very good starting QB that will help lead your team in the future.  Jeff has that look about him.  Add to that a strong arm, size and athleticism and you have yourself something to work with for the future.  As far as Iím concerned, a team should be looking for a player like this in the later rounds of every draft.  With free agency, the injury factor and the overall failure rate of first round QBís, Jeff is exactly the type of later round QB you pick and try to develop just like the New England Patriots did when they picked Tom Brady.  Believe me when I say this Ėno one thought that Tom Brady would be the QB he is today.  I donít care what they say.  If they did, then those scouts would have suggested that Tom has 1st round franchise-like talent and should be picked in the first day of the draft.  Well, Iím telling you all that Jeff has first day talent, but he should not be picked until the second day of this draft because it will take him some time for his talent to develop.  When it does, he will be an excellent QB for the team that winds up with him, either in this draft or free agency.  

Drew Boylhart