Joe Anoai   DT/DE   Georgia Tech



Joe uses excellent leverage along with a strong work ethic to have his way with his opponents across from him on the line of scrimmage.  He shows good quickness and strength and is a perfect fit for a 1-gap defense or a DE in a 3-4 defense.  He has such good strength and quickness that he could develop into a good 2-gap DT for a 4-3 defense or even play a strong side DE in a 4-3 defense.  He is not going to be the type of DE that beats you around the corner with speed, but he will beat you with good techniques and smarts; he’ll require some double-teaming because of his strength.  Joe is excellent at meeting his man, standing him up, shedding him and making the tackle against the run.  He reminds me a lot of Luis Castillo (DE San Diego Chargers.) 



Playing on a team that has one of the best players (Calvin Johnson WR) in this draft  can get you overlooked.  Especially if you are a little undersized for your position like Joe.  But his heart, effort and athletic talents are not undersized.  He will go to the combine and be noticed really fast.  He will receive the “undersized label”, but the smart teams will see that his size is not a real issue. 



I list Joe as a second rounder because to impact on the field quickly, he fits a 3-4 defense.  If a 4-3 defensive team picks him, then it will take him a little bit to impact; however, he will become a core player for any team that drafts him.  Joe is not on many teams’ radar right now, but he will be shortly.  I’m not sure what round he will be picked in because right now, he is considered more of a situational player.  As soon as he starts to work out for the NFL coaches, they will start to talk about him.  Like I said, he reminds me a lot of Luis Castillo of the San Diego Chargers.  Luis was taken in the first round in the 2005 draft.  He was a DT for his college team and now he is an impact DE in the Chargers’ 3-4 defense.  The Charger fans can appreciate what he means to that defense.  He, along with some others on that defense, allow for Shawn Merriman to be free to rush the QB without being double teamed.  The double team has to stay inside and block Luis.  I believe Joe will have this same type of impact along with being an excellent run stuffer on the inside of a defensive line.   

Drew Boylhart