Joe Cohen   DT   Florida



Joe has very good size, strength and speed to play his position.  He has played more than one position for his college team, but for the next level, DT would be the logical position for him.  Joe has great potential to play in any style defense as a 1-gap or 2-gap DT for the team that drafts him.  Joe is a good teammate and has bounced around from position to position, which has set him back in his techniques, but Joe looks like a very smart player.  He has strong feet and balance; his lateral agility to stretch plays out along the line and allow his teammates to make the big plays is a nice quality to have.  Joe’s future in the NFL is unlimited and I believe that in a few years this kid is going to be one of the better DT’s to come out of this draft. 



Joe has a lot of technique work to hone and must learn to play with better leverage.  The team that drafts Joe is going to have to wait for his talent to shine, but I believe the wait will be well worth it. 



If Joe had been playing DT his whole career in college, he would be a first day pick in this draft.  He will be able to impact in a 1-gap attack defense pretty quickly and as he plays, he will get better and better on his way to becoming an all around DT in three or four years.  Moving all over the defensive line in college has been difficult for Joe, but to his credit, he did whatever was asked of him and I feel in the long run, he will be a better player for it.  Joe has not been able to impact because no one has taken enough time to really work on his techniques for just one position.  He will be the type of player that will be a better pro than he was a college player because he will get better coaching and stay at one position.  Joe is a sleeper in this draft.  A player from a big college program who is right in front of everyone’s face, but for some reason, no one notices  him because he is working so hard and allowing others to take all the credit.  His LTI is a little longer than most players because he’s been moved around so much, but his talent is first day talent all the way. 

Drew Boylhart