Joe Staley   OT   Central Michigan



Joe is a very well-built and athletic offensive tackle.  He is a complete OT whose blocking techniques in both the running and passing game are excellent.  Joe biggest asset is his balance.  He very rarely over-extends or lunges to make his blocks and in keeping his balance while making his blocks, he is able to recover very quickly when he gets fooled.  He might be the most complete O-lineman in this draft to go along with being the most athletic OT in this draft.  Joe shows leadership qualities and excellent mental toughness.  Joe will be able to help the team that drafts him right away.



Although Joe has excellent athletic abilities, his lateral agility is on the slow side for the level of competition he plays in currently.  This issue might make a team shift Joe to the right side where a tight end could help him on passing plays.  In his defense, I do not believe that Joe has played the LT position for that many seasons and I think with some technique work, this could be a moot point. 



Jason Peters (LT Buffalo Bills) was drafted as a Tight End, but has worked himself into a future Pro Bowl LT because of his excellent athletic talent and hard work.  Joe Staley is going to be drafted as a LT who was a former Tight End; he, too, has the athletic talent and work ethic to turn himself into a Pro Bowl LT for the team that drafts him.  I know that most everyone is going to downgrade Joe because of his level of competition, but I will not because of his athletic talent and work ethic.  Even if you have to move Joe over to the right side, you have still drafted yourself one hell of an offensive lineman.  In fact, even if you have to move him into the LG position, youíve still drafted yourself a hell of an offensive lineman.   The truth is, I think he will be a superior lineman no matter where he lines up and thatís what the draft is all about -- drafting good players that can help your team at any position right away.  Joe is that type of player.  I believe that once Joe works out at the combine, you will see him move up really fast.  I would not be surprised at all to see one of the teams that make it to the Super Bowl pick this kid at the end of the 1st round.  If they donít, then someone is going to get a great ďstealĒ in the second.   You remember when I told you about Logan (Instant) Mankins?  (See profile in archives.)  Now, Iím telling you about Mighty Joe Staley -Ė another 1st round offensive lineman talent from a division that everyone loves to overlook because of its level of competition.  When will they learn?

Drew Boylhart