John Beck   QB   BYU



John has good athletic talent to play his position.  He has a strong arm and throws an accurate ball thatís easy to catch.  He can make most of the throws needed to be a starting QB at the next level and shows pocket awareness along with being a very disciplined QB.  John handles the mental part of the game very well; he displays leadership qualities through his play on the field.  He reads defenses and understands where the blitz is coming from to help his linemen out.  John reminds me a lot of Marc Bulger (QB St. Louis Rams.)



John is a good solid QB, but he needs to develop his leadership skills and become a stronger presence on the field.  His athletic talents are good, but itís the intangibles  heís weak on.  If he is drafted by a strong offensive minded coach, I believe these intangibles can be brought out of him over the next four to five years.



John has good talent; he just needs to get a better feel for the game.  He is very mechanical right now and has to understand that if a play isnít working in a game like it did in practice, he has to tweak it on the field to make it work.  Itís the difference between the great QBís and the just good QBís.  Some never get it.  Calling a play in the huddle and then telling your WR or TE to look for the ball even though they are not the hot receiver is what Iím talking about.  Calling a play and telling a WR to cut your route off at 10 yds instead of fifteen like that play calls for is what Iím talking about.  Telling the WR to run a nine route instead of a six route -- the route the play calls for -- to take advantage of a safety thatís looking to jump a route.  Thatís what Iím talking about.  If John is drafted by a coach like Mike Martz of the Detroit Lions, that would be a perfect match. Martz does not want his players to think too much -- just to run the plays he calls.  Mike Martz even calls the audibles for his QBís.  He calls the play and then says if you see the safety move to the line audible to this play only.  If a team that wants the QB to think on his feet drafts John, he will struggle.  John would do well if a team that uses the west coast offense drafts him because that offense requires a QB that is disciplined.   Although John works most of the time from the shotgun, I feel he could handle the intricacies of the footwork that is required of a QB who runs the WCO.  It will take time, but heís smart and should be a good fit if he is given that time.


Drew Boylhart