Johnnie Lee Higgins   WR   UTEP



This kid is slick and quick.  He has powerful hands and is a smart WR.  Johnnie knows how to help out his QB when he gets into trouble.  He has good size for his position and has decent strength.  He does a solid job adjusting to the ball in the air and believe me, with his QB throwing to him, he has had a lot of practice in this area.  He does a good job fighting for the ball in traffic and does a decent job going across the middle.  John has excellent potential to be a very dangerous return man on special teams.  And this, combined with his speed, should make him an excellent player for the team that drafts him.



Johnnie lacks mental and physical strength right now.  He can be pushed off his routes and when he goes up in the air to grab a pass, he can be pushed off the ball.  He needs to develop better upper body strength and confidence.  Johnnie runs good routes, but because of the inconsistency of the QB position on his team, he has gotten into a lot of bad habits that will need time to straighten out.   



Johnnie knows how to run good routes, but the QB for his team was so inconsistent that he will have to learn everything he already knows all over again.  Right now, when he runs a route and makes his cuts, he hesitates because after his cut, he doesn’t know where the ball will be.  John must have been thinking everytime he ran a route, “Will the ball be out in front or behind me, above my head or down by my feet?”  This, along with building up his strength and gaining more confidence, makes John’s LTI longer than it should be.  As he learns and gets better, Johnnie can impact on special teams and in a few years, you should have yourself a very good #2 WR.  There is a lot of potential in his game, potential to even develop into a #1 WR, but that is up to Johnnie and how well he can mentally take the hits going across the middle as well as becoming the go-to WR and not just the big play WR.  Either way, this kid should impact and make a lot of big plays for the team that drafts him.

Drew Boylhart