Jon Beason   LB   Miami



Jon is another one of these small in stature LBís that is a complete LB and can play more than one position.  He shows excellent athletic ability and has good lateral agility to go along with natural instincts and intelligence.  Jon shows decent leadership skills through his play on the field and understands situational football.  He shows solid speed; however, itís his burst, quickness and change of direction skills that are the real reasons for his success.  He is a good tackler and has no problems meeting and greeting an offensive lineman in the hole and trying to make the tackle.  Jon plays the game with character, intelligence and passion and should be able to help the team that drafts him right away.



Jon is limited in his size and stature; this will affect where he gets drafted and what system he is best suited for.  This will not matter if the right team picks him because he is talented and can play more than one position.   



Jon is smart enough to help a team right away.  He is another type of LB that will be more successful as a MLB in a 2-gap, 4-3 defense.  He also could be an OLB in a 3-4 defensive system, but his impact position at the next level should be in as a MLB in a 2-gap, 4-3 defense so that he can run free to the play and make the tackle.  Iím giving Jon a second round grade because he does not show the finished leadership skills that some of the other LBís who basically are the same type in this draft.  Donít get me wrong, he has leadership skills.  I just think that at the next level, he is going to be more of a follower at first because it might take a year or two before he is confident enough in his own game before he tries to lead others.  Maybe Iím being a little nit picky in this area, but a MLB has to get others to listen to him and put other players in the right position to make a play.  My sense is that right now, Jon is worried more about what position he is in to make the play.  This leadership will come in time the more confidence he has in his personal game, but I do think it drops him to a second round grade.  The truth is, if you think he fits your system and you need an LB, then draft him in the first round - it really is semantics sometimes.  Players like Jon can drop to the third and fourth rounds very easily and that just means you got yourself a player later in the draft with 1st or 2nd round talent.  The politics of the draft Ė- doesnít it just drive you nuts sometimes?

Drew Boylhart