Jonathan Wade   CB   Tennessee



Jonathan has so much talent to play the CB position at the next level that itís a total shock to me that no one is talking about this kid.  He is extremely fast and quick and seems to be fearless when he tackles.  He has the athletic skills to potentially be an excellent shut-down cover corner.  Jonathan is new to the position, but his raw skills are some of the best I have seen since Deion Sanders.  He has that type of speed and quickness to go along with excellent anticipation skills and an added feature -- he seems to be a better tackler. 



Jonathan is very raw right now.  He does a good job in man-to-man coverage, but is lost in zone.  He has improved every time Iíve seen him play; however, I think thatís because he is getting his chance to play regularly and not because he has improved in his techniques.  I have to be careful here because although I am high on Jonathanís potential, he has so much more to learn for the next level that itís scary. 



This is why we have two different boards for the THR site.  Although Jonathan has 1st round talent, his LTI is that of a second round pick.  Add to that the problem of making mistakes, not being able to recover mentally from getting beat and not playing the position very long.  This all adds up to a player with first round talent that will most likely not be taken in the first round.  Of course, Jonathan is also the type of player that when he starts working out and head coaches see his athletic talent, he could fly up the boards into the first round very easily.  In the 2004 draft, the Packers took a kid in the first round with a ton of talent:  Ahmad Carroll (CB Arkansas).  You can read his profile in the archives.  You will see that I suggested that he be taken in the second round because of his on the field inexperience.  He is no longer with the Packers and I feel the main reason for this was because he was taken too high in the draft and forced on the field too quickly.  The pressure made him prone to mistakes from which he had trouble mentally recovering.  He also was not forced to sit and learn the techniques that he needed to learn before he became a starter.  He was too immature.  At least thatís what I saw looking from the outside.  Iím sure I donít know most of the story, but thatís my best guess.  Jonathan is in the same situation.  If he is taken in the first round and forced onto the field too soon, thereís a big chance that he will fail.  He is a raw talent that needs to earn his way onto the field.  He can help on special teams and nickel-dime situations; his athletic talent alone will make some big plays for you.  Right now, no one is taking about this kid at all.  That should change really fast the minute he starts working out.   

Drew Boylhart