Jordan Kent   WR   Oregon



Jordan has excellent size and speed for his position.  He has good hands and does an accurate job running routes.  He shows an excellent burst off the line and in and out of his breaks.  He understands how to use his speed to take advantage of his opponent, which is very unusual for a player who has the type of speed that Jordan has coming out of college.  Jordan knows that his speed is his biggest asset and does not take it for granted when running his routes.  Everytime I have seen Jordan play he was better than the last time.  He looks to me like he is a pretty smart kid and picks things up quickly.  If he continues to improve in the way that he has improved from last year to this year, then itís just a matter of time before he turns into one of the better WRís in the league.  He reminds me of James Lofton (former WR Ė Buffalo Bills). 



Jordan has a ton of things yet to develop and Iím not sure how much he can help a team while he learns on special teams, but this type of burst and speed is not the norm in most WRís his size.  Iím not sure why this kid is so far behind in his development?  My guess is he plays more than one sport because he is a hell of an athlete.  Whatever the reason is, in a couple of years with a little more bulk, toughness and better concentration when he catches the ball, Jordan will make a lot of money. 



If you are looking for a sleeper WR in this draft that is full of WRís, this kid just might be the one.  He has good size and excellent speed and every time I saw him play this year, he improved.  He was really raw last year and it was good to see the improvement this year from last.  Iím listing him as 3rd round talent because he still has a lot to learn and I donít know why he is so far behind in his development.  I donít know if itís a work ethic situation or what, but I know that between this year and last, he improved tremendously.  My guess is he just decided that this is what he wanted to do!  Thatís my guess because I canít find any other reason!  He is a kid that if he is invited to the combine and works out as well as I think he will, you are going to see him move up into the first day of the draft.  There are so many WRís in this draft that by the time draft day comes, it would not surprise me at all if he falls back into the second day.  The fact is that he has first day talent and if he can improve his concentration and continue to run his underneath routes with the surprising toughness that he has shown this year, this kid is going to impact big time.

Drew Boylhart