Jordan Palmer   QB   Texas-El Paso



Jordan has good overall athleticism to play his position at the next level.  He shows a strong arm that can make all the throws from the pocket that are required.  He is a pure drop-back QB that translates well to the next level and also calls audibles at the line for his college team.  He plays with good passion and does have some leadership qualities to go along with his ability to make the players around him play harder.  Jordan has some excellent developmental talents that could translate to being a starting QB for the team that drafts him. 



Accuracy and vision to see the whole field are his biggest problems and those are not good problems to have if you want to play at the next level.  Jordan falls into the trap of thinking that he has more talent than he really does and takes way too many chances with the ball.  He has leadership ability, but he loses respect of his teammates with his reckless decision making on the field.  Iím not sure how coachable Jordan is right now and that will add to his LTI ratio.



Jordan needs to be in an offensive system that will keep his mind so busy with what his own responsibilities are that he will not have enough time to think of anything else once the play starts.  Jordan needs to be drafted by a team that uses the West Coast Offense.  This will humble him and, at the same time, challenge him and keep his mind off of trying to emulate his brother.  It will force him to work on his mechanics and throw the ball in the underneath and intermediate ranges, which are his strengths.  Jordanís problem is all in his head and although he has to improve his technique, that is normal for just about any QB coming out in a draft.  He doesnít see the field very well at all and I think he needs to get his eyes checked because it looks to me like his depth perception is way off.  That is the only reason that I can think for him throwing the types of interceptions that he throws.  He will throw a ball to the other team like they are running the route instead of his teammate.  Now, either he is as dumb as a doorknob or he has eye problems.  I donít believe intelligence is a problem, but he could be stubborn and that would answer a lot of questions also.  Jordan needs to get with a good QB coach to really see what is going on here, but I have to say that his overall talent translates very well to the next level.  If Jordan takes to some good coaching, he can be a good starting QB in about five years for the team that drafts him.  Someone better check his eyes because if that is one of his problems, they might have more than a starting QB in about five years. 

Drew Boylhart