Josh Beekman   OG/OC   Boston College



Josh plays with natural leverage and quickness in a small space.  He gives good effort on every play and is the type of kid that never stops trying until the whistle blows.  He is a smart kid and seems to have the respect of his teammates and coaches.  He shows decent power when blocking for the run and plays with a lot of pride.  For the next level, Id like to see if Josh could play the center position.  I think he would be a good fit in the future as a center for the team that drafts him.    



Josh just does not have the feet to play the guard position at the next level.  I dont like my O-lineman on the ground when they are run blocking and Josh is on the ground way too much for me.  It shows me that he does not have good balance after his initial step.  It will be hard for him to stay with his blocks at the next level on sweeps and also when he goes out to block a linebacker when hes left uncovered.    



Josh might be a better fit as a center at the next level, but not as a guard.  He is a smart kid and does a decent job in pass blocking.  It will be hard to bull rush him because he does play with good leverage.  This kid does have intelligence and passion and as far as I know, good character but he does seem to lack the true talent to play at the next level.  Because of his passion and intelligence, I think he would be a solid developmental center that you would pick later in the draft and then put him on the practice squad and see what you have in a few years.    

Drew Boylhart