Josh Gattis   S   Wake Forest



Josh is an excellent safety and plays the game with passion that you donít see too often anymore.  He has excellent size, strength, speed and burst and is an excellent tackler.  Heís a hard hitter who does not shy away from impact.  He shows decent change of direction skills and good solid coverage skills to stay with most of the big WRís and TEís at the next level.  Josh plays football like he forgot to take his Ritalin and I donít mean that in a bad way.  If more players in the NFL played with the same passion Josh has, there would be a lot less WRís going over the middle of a defense and making great plays with their heads still on their shoulders.  Josh shows leadership skills and he reminds me a lot of Rodney Harrison (S New England Patriots).   



Josh needs to play a little more under control.  He has to understand that not every hit needs to be a knockout hit.  He has to learn to play smarter to keep himself from getting injured.  If he doesnít learn to play more under control, he runs the risk of injury to himself and penalties against him that will hurt his team.  I have no doubt that he will learn all of this for himself after some growing pains and some injuries.    



Josh can play in a lot of different defenses and he could play either safety position.  The best fit might be in a two deep zone, but I also think he could play in a single free safety defense or in time, he could be used in a defense like Troy Polamalu is used in Pittsburgh.  He is a smart kid, but he does have to calm down.  Josh might not have the cover skills and change of direction skills Troy has because he is a little locked in the hips, but he should do alright with experience and repetitions.  Josh should be able to help the team that drafts him right away and, if he can play under control and cut down on the reckless hits, he is going to be a hell of a player.  I have no doubt he will accomplish what he needs to stay on the field.  This is a quality kid (along with a few others on this team).

Drew Boylhart