Justin Blalock   OG   Texas



Justin is a very powerful offensive lineman.  He shows excellent leadership skills and mental toughness.  He also shows good foot movement and knows most - if not all - of the offensive line positions.  He has played at tackle and guard and, although I have not seen him play center, I have no doubt about his ability to play that position also.  In fact, for the NFL level, I would think that the center position would be an impact position for Justin to play once he is drafted.  Justin is one of the few O-linemen in this draft that blocks evenly well in protecting his QB or blowing holes in the defense for his RB.  He is an excellent pulling O-lineman and has no problems firing out and attacking a linebacker.  Justin can play more than one position in any style of offensive system.



Justinís techniques are a bit sketchy at times because he has been moved around so much along the offensive line.  This is normal and he should improve very quickly once he has settled in to one position.



Justin might be the best O-lineman in this draft.  He might not be the first one picked, but he certainly could be and it would not surprise me.  Iím not sure Justin has the lateral agility to play Left Tackle at the pro level; however, I bet if you put him at that position, you wouldnít be sorry.  He can play any of the other positions on the line and before long, you will see him in the Pro Bowl -- sooner rather than later.  Justin LTI is very short.  He will get on the field and help a team right away.  He has first round talent to play more than one position.  I really hope that at the combine, they test this kid out as a center because I think in the near future he could be a good one.  Justin reminds me a lot of LeCharles Bentley (C - Cleveland Browns).  He is bigger, but just as tough.  I call him Justin (Time) Blalock because the team that drafts him will be getting one hell of an O-lineman (just in time) to go to the Super Bowl.

Drew Boylhart


UPDATE 2/6/07

Justin, with all his talent, has been a big disappointment the last part of the college season and now during the Senior Bowl practices and game.  He still has the talent to play more than one position but, as you all know by now, it takes more than talent.  Justin has gained too much weight and has lost his quickness and strength; I know I would no longer think about drafting him in the first round because of this.  Work ethic is one of the key characteristics needed to be successful at the next level and even if Justin goes to the combine and returns to form, I would not move him back up to the first round.  He has shown his true self just in time for me to rate him out of the first round and to rate Manuel Ramirez (OG Texas Tech) as the first pure guard that should be taken first off the board in this draft followed by Ben Grubbs (OG Auburn), then Justin.  Maybe Justin will get a clue someday and realize how much money he lost out on simply because he did not consider putting his best foot forward at a job interview!    

Drew Boylhart