Justin Harrell  DT  Tennessee


Justin has very good size and quickness for his position.  He shows solid overall strength and is a powerful run stuffer.  He has very good lateral movement and also shows enough quickness to rush the passer.   He has the ability to play in a 1-gap or 2-gap system.  Justinís size and overall athletic abilities project very well to the next level.  He seems to be a very smart kid and understands his assignments.  Justin looks like he is willing to do the dirty work of a DT and has quick enough foot movement not to get bogged down on the line of scrimmage.  He also shows some good leadership qualities.   


As with all DTís, he needs to learn how to use his hands better and improve his overall strength and stamina.  I have no doubt that he will do this.   


Justin is injured right now and is having an operation for a torn bicep.  He will be out for the rest of the season, but believe me when I say, he is one smart cookie.  He plans on having his operation right away and then he is going to concentrate on training for the combine.  I will suggest to you that if he has no problems with his operation, by the time the combine arrives, you are going to see a kid jump up the charts and into the first round faster than a woman can grab a pair of shoes at a 50% off shoe sale.   Justin has an LTI (length to impact) ratio of two to three years and thatís the average for a DT; however, if he tones up the flab and adds some muscle along with impressing everyone at the combine, he just might help some team right away and impact as a pass rushing DT.  On film he looks like he has the heart to be a star in this league.  I know he has the size and athletic talent, so the only things left are character and heart.  I think he has it all.  Justin reminds me a lot of Cornelius Griffin (DT - Washington Redskins).  The Garden State Giants drafted Cornelius.  He was taken at the 46th pick of the 2000 draft.  This draft does not have very many DTís with significant size, so with a good workout, Justin should push his way into the first round if the operation is successful.  Remember what I said Ė faster than a woman buying a pair of shoes at a 50% off sale.  That, my friends, is fast!

Drew Boylhart