Juwan Simpson   OLB/SS   Alabama



Juwan has very good athletic talent to play at the next level.  He is quick and fast and has good change of direction skills to be an excellent LB on passing downs.  He does a solid job in defending against the run.  He needs some technique work, but is a good wrap-up tackler.  Juwan is a good fit for the new speed defenses and has the athletic abilities to play more than one position.  In fact, it would not surprise me if some teams were more interested in Juwan as a safety or an OLB.  Juwan is a smart player on the field and shows leadership skills through his play on the field. 



Other than getting arrested for an illegal gun and drugs, Juwan is a pretty good football player.  Since he is not in jail yet, and did not yet shoot anyone, what the hell?  I would take him over players who are just as talented and have not gotten arrested!  I mean, really!  Most of those guys are just boring and don’t play with that “looking over their shoulder edge” that every player has to have to get into a Super Bowl.  I’m sure there is a team with an ego maniac coach or GM that will just have to have Juwan on his team because they are convinced that without him, their team will just never be any good.



I’m getting a little sick and tired of profiling players like this.  Every time I do, I get an E-mail from someone suggesting that I am being too hard on players like Juwan and that I should be giving them another chance.  That if I just get to know him, I would see that he is really a nice kid.  All I can say is that if I owned a team, something tells me that drafting Juwan or not drafting Juwan would not affect the success of the team one bit.  I just know in my heart, gut and everything else in my body, that there are plenty of players in this draft just as talented -- for that matter even more talented -- than Juwan.  Why would I waste a draft pick on a kid who has proven that he does not care what I think about him.  He doesn’t care about his coach, teammates, siblings, parents or his college and has shown how selfish he is.  If he did care about all of the aforementioned people, he would never put himself in the position to get arrested in the first place.  Let some other team draft him and then see how successful he is once he is a free agent.  Maybe by then, he will have proven that he is no longer that young selfish human being that got arrested for guns and drugs and will change into a better person than he is right now.  I just don’t think that he should be paid millions of dollars while he is “finding” himself in the process.  But as we all know by now – that’s just me, a person who believes in holding people accountable for their actions on and off the field.  What a concept!

Drew Boylhart