Kareem Brown   DT    Miami



Kareem has excellent size for his position and good quickness.  He shows the potential to be an excellent 1-gap / 2-gap DT at the next level.  Kareem could do whatever he wants to do on a football field and is athletic enough to play more than one position in just about any kind of defensive front you can come up with.  He should be a top ten pick in this draft, but he is not!  In fact, the only reason anyone is talking about drafting him at all is because he comes from a big program and will bet on a good showing at the combine.  



Kareem plays football like a customer who goes to his favorite Italian restaurant and orders his favorite pasta dish only to find out the pasta has been overcooked!  Basically, he is a big wet noodle. 



If Kareem decides to work really hard, get into shape and play real football, he could transform himself like Bruce Smith did when he came out in his draft.  When he was drafted, Bruce Smith was a 300 lb ball of lard that transformed his body into a 260 lb defensive end -- one of the best pass rushers of his time.  Kareem has a problem.  That problem is that he wants to be a pass rushing DT or DE, but doesnít want to work hard to attain it.  He thinks that if he walks on the field and makes a couple of tackles and one or two sacks a game that someone is going to throw money at him and maybe, heís right!  Here is the big difference between Bruce Smith and Kareem Brown.  Bruce was motivated by money and money alone.  When he was taken by the Bills as the first player of the 1985 Draft, he wanted to be known and paid as the highest paid player for the rest of his career.  So he transformed his body from a pudgy 300 lb talent DT/DE to a muscled 260 lb pass-rushing dynamo.  He knew that he would make more money rushing the passer than any other position on the defensive line, so that is what he did.  Kareem, believe it or not, has the same type of talent that Bruce Smith had when he came out of college and he has a similar body type; however, my guess is that he is not as smart as Bruce.  If he was, he would have transformed himself for this draft and would have been considered a top ten pick.  But alas, he did not and I doubt he will in the future because you canít teach dumb.  You can be dumb, but you canít teach it.  Look for Kareem to be drafted on the second day of the draft but you never know - he does have very good talent and with a good workout, he could fool a team into drafting him earlier.  If that happens, then I will have to question who really is the dumb one!

Drew Boylhart