Kenny Irons   RB   Auburn



Kenny Irons is a speed back with good toughness to run between the tackles and the speed to sweep around the ends.  He runs with the heart of a lion.  He likes being the main man in his teamís offense and looks to me like he is a good teammate.  Kenny has good size to go along with his speed and the effort he gives on every down is not to be taken lightly.  He shows the ability to catch the ball out of the backfield and does a solid job blocking for his QB and picking up the blitz.  Kenny reminds me a lot of Tatum Bell (RB Denver Broncos) when he came out in the draft.



Ken needs to add some bulk to his body to take the pounding at the next level.  He needs to learn to use his blockers better and not rely so much on just his speed.  Ken needs to learn how to change gears.  He lacks vision and cutting quickness in the hole, which is causing all the injuries heís been fighting this year.  Ken is a straight-line runner.  He runs up on his toes, which makes it easy to knock him off stride with arm tackles.  He needs to learn and develop better vision, quickness in his cuts and patience.  I have no doubt that he will work very hard to accomplish these things at the next level in order to reduce injuries. 



If a team that uses a zone-blocking scheme in its running game drafts Kenny, he could get on the field right away and produce.  But for the purposes of this draft, that makes Kenny a fit for a particular style of offense.  All thirty-two teams in this draft do not use this offense.  That means that Kenny could be drafted at any slot in the first two rounds.  If a team in the top ten needs an RB for their zone blocking offense, then he could be picked in the top ten.  Or, he could slip right out of the first round until there is a need for his natural style of running.  I think all the other teams would consider Kenny more of a developmental back and this would drop his rating to the end of the first round and into the second.  In this draft, there are some teams that should be in the playoffs that could use Kenny right away because of the zone blocking running scheme they use; however, if those teams have a need at other positions, then you will see a very good back drop to the second round and then Kenny becomes a steal.  I rate Kenny in the second round only because, in my opinion, his LTI is directly related to a style of offense and in this draft there are a few bigger and more developed RBís that fit any kind of system.  But to be honest, Kenny runs with the heart of a lion and I would be very tempted to take him in the first no matter what offense system I had in place.  He is a quality kid with a lot of talent.

Drew Boylhart