Kenny Scott   CB   Georgia Tech
Kenny has good size and speed and does a solid job defending the taller WRís in one-on-one coverage.  He has a smooth gait that makes it easy for him to mirror the bigger receivers stride for stride.  He has practiced against the top WR in this draft.  Kenny has not tapped his full potential and has unique athletic abilities that translate very well to the next level.  He is a solid drag-down tackler and will step up and support against a sweep and likes to make the big hit.  Kenny could be a #1 CB, but will most likely be a #2 CB or be used in nickel-dime coverage for the team that drafts him. 
Kenny does not work hard enough and tries too much to make the big play.  He is not a team player and does not always follow his assignment.  He needs to get stronger and will struggle against the smaller WRís in the NFL because he just doesnít want to work enough to learn the proper techniques that a tall CB needs to learn.  He does not understand situational football, is not smart enough to handle zone coverages and, because he was suspended for his bowl game, I have to say that he is too immature to play at the next level.  Right now, Kenny is one of those talented players waiting to be a bust at the next level. 
He has first day talent and, at one point, might have been a first round pick.  However, his lack of work ethic to improve and get better leads me to believe that he is only worth a six round talent score.  Lack of Character, Intelligence and Passion are his problems -- talent is not.  Most people are going to tell you that Kenny will have problems with the smaller receivers because of his long legs.  Everyone has problems with the smaller receivers and it has nothing to do with long legs or short legs.  It has to do with the smaller receiver knowing what route they are running and you not knowing what route they are running.  Playing defense is all about angles, tackling and understanding down and distance.  If you are smart, you can stop any player from impacting in a game.  They may get their stats and when the game is over, the press might talk to them about the great plays they made.  However, the truth is, is that if you understand angles, tackling and situation football, in most cases you will be on the winning team.  Kenny could be a hell of a CB in a few years, but I think that he thinks that he ready is right now and that is good enough for him.  I donít see the passion in his game to improve and be better than he is right now.  I see a player that is afraid to improve because he does not like the pressure of his teammates depending on him in the big game.  Kenny is afraid of failing, so he compensates by just being good enough to satisfy himself.  This will lead him to being a nickel-dime cover CB or maybe a #2 CB.  Itís a shame because he has the talent to be a #1 CB and a very good one at that.  Maybe if he understands the difference in the money a #1 CB gets and a #2 CB gets, it will motivate him to be a better player.  Itís all up to him, but if it was up to me - I would let someone else draft him and then see where he is in his development after his first contract is up. 

Drew Boylhart