Kevin Kolb   QB   Houston



Kevin has good athletic talent to play his position.  He shows solid arm strength and when he plays within himself, he can make all the throws needed to be successful at the next level.  He has agile feet and moves well in and out of the pocket.  He throws a very good ball on the run and is the type of kid that wants to make every play a positive play.  Kevin plays from the shotgun all the time and although some might think that this is a deterrent to analyze a QB for the next level, I disagree.  The type of offense he plays in might make his LTI longer, but it is not any more difficult to analyzed.  He reminds me a lot of David Klinger, a former 1st round - # 6th pick in the 1992 Draft by the Cincinnati Bengals and of Alex P Smith first pick of the 2005 draft by the San Francisco 49erís. 



Kevin has the athletic talent, but he does not have the work ethic, consistent mechanics or decision making abilities that you would expect from a kid that has played in one system for four years.  He still does not read defenses because the system that heís in does not require him to do that.  He is out of shape and his mental stamina leaves a lot to be desired.  His throwing mechanics are erratic, which affects his accuracy.  There is more, but Iím getting too depressed to list them. 



There is good developmental talent to Kevinís game, but his LTI is so far out there that he will have to improve his game as a third string QB or practice squad QB and Iím not convinced that he has the work ethic to do that.  Right now, in my opinion, Kevin, in his mind, is the only person on the field when his team is playing.  That offense does that to a kid and itís hard when you are throwing for over three thousand yards in your college career to think otherwise.  Kevin has not worked from under center in four years, which means he has to learn to do that first then collect himself to throw from a pocket.  Right now, that might be a very hard thing for Kevin to get his mind around because Iím sure his thinking when he struggles will be - why canít I just play from the shotgun like I did in college?  If Kevin were to be considered as a first round pick like Vince Young was last year and Alex Smith was two years ago, then with the power of an owner investing first round money into a QB that can only play from the shotgun, Kevin might be able to get his way.  But for Kevin, this is not going to happen and he is going to have to learn how to play from under center before he gets his shot to throw interceptions all over the field.  Itís my guess that if Kevin had thrown for over five thousand yards in his career or won the college Championship game, the ďexpertsĒ would be sitting around suggesting that Kevin is a top ten pick in this draft, but you see Kevin screwed up.  He did not improve in the system that he was in for the last four years.  He was in an offensive system that typically fails most of its QBís once in the NFL and he did not have a coach and college program that promoted him as a possible Heisman Trophy candidate.   Kevin has talent equal to Alex Smith when he came out, but he will not be picked in the first round and therefore, no one will be willing to change the whole offensive system and fire a coach to try to make him successful. 

Drew Boylhart