Kolby Smith   RB   Louisville



Kolby has the size and speed to be a very effective RB at the next level.  He runs with good lean and strength and shows excellent quickness to the line and through the hole.  Kolby has great hands to catch the ball out of the backfield.  He is a perfect fit right now for a team that uses a zone blocking scheme because he is a one cut and go back that does not show much vision in the hole.  He is not going to make many players miss him when they go to tackle him unless he beats them to the hole with his speed.  Kolby reminds me a lot of Thomas Jones (RB Chicago Bears).  He is a one-cut speed back with good size and intelligence. 



Kolby is really just learning the RB position.  He needs to get bigger and stronger in his lower body so that he can break a few more tackles.  He has to learn how to block much better than he does now.  That looks like its a technique problem and not an intelligence issue.  He identifies the blitz, but he does not commit to the block.  This will come in time.  Right now, Kolby is a system RB that could develop into an all around RB with experience and a good RB coach. 



Kolby could very easily impact right away in a zone blocking scheme for the team that drafts him.  He is not much of a cut back or vision in the hole RB, but he is a good one cut back.  He really is just learning the position, but if a team using the zone blocking system drafts him, he will show some impact right away -- then he will tail off.  Right now, he is predictable when he runs, so after a few teams see him more than once, heíll start to struggle.  The good thing about Kolby compared to other one cut backs is his hands.  His ability to catch the ball makes him a valuable long range back worthy of spending time to develop.  If Kolby works hard on his blocking with his size and athletic abilities he could very easily turn in to a starting RB for the team that drafts him.  I like this kidís potential and his talents translate very well to the next level.   

Drew Boylhart