Kyle Shotwell   LB   Cal-Poly



Kyle is a fly-around-the-field LB that has good speed, but even better burst.  He has great change of direction skills and knows how to attack the line of scrimmage.  Kyle understands angles, shooting gaps and is a strong tackler.  He loves to blitz and has been in a defense that is perfect for the way he likes to play the game.   He shows leadership qualities by his play on the field; he has good hands to intercept a pass, then looks to take it back as far as he can.  Kyle is a playmaker -- he plays for the sack or interception and is very good at it.  He has the talent and intelligence to play all three LB positions, but I think his best fit at the next level will be as a WLB.  That position allows him a little more freedom to disrupt and that is what he is -- a disruptor. 



The level of competition is definitely an issue that Kyle will have to overcome.  He is not a meet and greet in the hole LB, but he attacks so well and gets such a jump on everyone with his quickness that he doesn’t have to be.  Kyle needs to add more strength and just needs to get used to the speed at the next level. 



It will take some time for Kyle to get used to the speed at the next level, but once he does, he should be an impact player.  He fits the “new” 1-gap attack defenses that a lot of teams are going to in the NFL and I would think that the NFL west coast teams have a pretty good feeling about this kid and where he might fit into their plans.  Kyle can be as good as any LB playing in this draft, but he does like to attack and does not fit a defense that likes its linebackers to meet their blocks, shed and make a tackle.  He can do it, but his LTI will be even longer and his impact will be less.  So if your team has that 1-gap attack defense, then your team should be looking to draft this kid a little faster than the other teams who do not use that type of defense.  Kyle will take a year or two in his development, but he looks like he is a good quality kid that loves to play and has been an excellent LB for his college team.  Another LB that can stay on the field all three downs and not hurt you.  Go figure!    

Drew Boylhart