Kyle Young   OC   Fresno St



Kyle is a big, powerful center who can handle a player in his face as easy as a horse swats a fly off his back.  He can handle the shotgun snap and does a good job calling the line calls.  His is very big for his position, but does a good job helping out his guards when needed.  He is a natural pass blocker and uses good techniques when blocking for the run. 



First of all, Kyle was suspended the last few games of the season for academic reasons.  This is a big shock!  Add to this, a frog-like stance that opens his chest up to his opponent too quickly, the fact that he does not have good feet, that he is not agile enough to be used in a pulling system and that he is not quick enough to go to the next level and block a linebacker.  With all of this, you have the makings of a player who I feel is not athletic enough to play center and might not be very coachable.  The only reason, in my opinion, that Kyle would not try to improve himself on and off the football field is that he feels that he is perfect right now! 



Kyle is a very powerful O-lineman, but he has not improved from year to year.  In his stance, he looks like a big old bullfrog waiting to pounce to another lily pad.  He does not move his feet very well at all and this will be a problem at the next level.  If he changes his stance, he might be able to play RG at the next level; however, because he has been suspended and refuses to improve his play from year to year, you have to see these red flags for what they are.  These red flags send the signals to me that Kyle will not work very hard at the next level because he has not worked hard at the college level.  A suspension of any kind is a smack in the face to a kidís parents, teammates, coaches and the school that gave him a scholarship.  This shows a lack of respect for authority figures and I donít feel that Kyle should be rewarded for his actions by drafting him.  To draft an offensive lineman from the college ranks that has shown me heís immature on and off the field and also not mentally tough, would be a waste of a pick.  Kyle is a big, powerful kid that has demonstrated through his actions on and off the field that he is willing to throw away a chance to play in the NFL.  I have no respect for a kid like that.  Let him work his way on to a team and maybe, he might change his ways and become a serviceable RG.  Iíll rate Kyle as a 7th round pick, but to be honest, I personally would have a very hard time deciding if I would draft him at all!  Perhaps in an interview I would find out that there is a good reason for him being suspended.  A personal reason or family related reason and if so, this would be looked at and considered.  In spite of this possibility, Kyle still has some big athletic limitations and he would have to have some pretty good reasons why he did not improve on the field also.  There might be a lot of excuses that Kyle could come up with, but remember -- actions speak louder than words.  His actions and the lack of improvement on the field along with the suspension scream red flag to me! 

Drew Boylhart